The Omicron Variant

According to the World Health Organization, the latest information about Omicron is that it is more active and transmissible. Furthermore, it can also resist most of the vaccines. 

The Omicron Variant

In November this year, experts detected the first specimen tested positive for Omicron in South Africa. The emergence of this new variant threatened public health officials and scientists. As mentioned, Omicron is more transmissible as it contains dominant mutations.

Compared to the first variant of COVID-19, the Omicron are more transmissible. This means that it can infect one person at a very fast rate. According to the experts, anyone with Omicron can transfer the virus to either partially- to fully-vaccinated individuals. However, the same symptoms, like flu and difficulty in breathing, are found in patients infected with the Omicron variant. Thus, the government warned the public to wear their face masks when going outdoors properly.

With that in mind, the risks associated with this variant are very high. Thus, the government worldwide tightened its security to prevent the possible transmission of Omicron. This variant is now present in almost 60 countries worldwide. Early December, one Californian was found as the first American who tested positive for the Omicron variant.  In the Philippines, the risk of the infection with Omicron variant pushed the increase of many cities into Alert Level 3.

Previous infections do not provide immunity against Omicron. For example, most people in South Africa tested positive for different SARS-CoV-2 variants. Despite that, South Africa remained to have the highest number of Omicron-infected individuals. In other words, immunity from previous infections does not stop omicron. This could be the reason why the number of Omicron cases is doubling very fast. In addition, current vaccines are not enough to defeat the Omicron variant. Thus, scientists are currently developing new vaccines to dominate this new variant.

How to Get Protection from Omicron

Many believe that the Omicron variant is more infectious than the previous ones. But we have tools to fight and prevent getting the Omicron virus. One of these is through vaccinations. Vaccination does not guarantee full protection against the virus. However, inoculation is our safety tool to make ourselves less susceptible to virus transmission. The good thing about getting vaccinated is that it prevents death, hospitalization, and severe illness associated with the COVID-19 virus. Scientists recommend 17 years old and below to get full vaccination. On the other hand, 18 years old and older should get booster shots to maintain their protection.

Wearing a mask is also an ideal way to protect ourselves against the virus. Experts recommend people wear masks when going outdoors. Although not very effective, social distancing can also prevent us from spreading the particles. Depending on the situation, you will need to wear either cloth, KN95, or any other type of facemasks.

Undergoing antigen tests is also helpful to monitor your health condition. It will help you to determine whether you carry the virus. If you found that you are positive with the variant, we recommend you to do self-isolation. After that, inform the health professionals in your area to receive immediate treatment.


The number of individuals who tested positive for the Omicron variant continue to increase. This poses a huge threat to scientists, health professionals, and the public. The good news is that we have the tools to keep ourselves protected against the virus. We can do this by using the tools of vaccination, wearing a mask and following safety protocols. If you suspect that you or your loved is infected with the Omicron variant, you can have a telemedicine consultation with MyPocketDoctor. The MyPocketDoctor website and mobile app (Android and IOS) have Multi-factor security to guard your medical information better. This telemedicine service, other than providing you with online medical consultation, has also been actively providing you with valuable health information to guide you during these unique times. You can certainly enjoy these conveniences right at your fingertips by downloading the MyPocketDoctor app and talking to our team of doctors about your health concerns. The MyPocketDoctor can also be contacted through its Facebook page and/or agent chat on the website You may check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) through this website.